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With customers being able to access your company from their mobile phones or computer, no longer will your company be hindered by time or distance!

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Designed with ease-of-use in mind, you could update your currency rates on your mobile or by uploading Excel spreadsheet via our backend CMS (web based platform).

SmartRate Market - Never lose sight of market opportunities!

C2B Platform: H.K. Large Transaction/Wire-Transfer Customers

SmartRate Market helps to consolidate Cash/Wire-transfer transactions from retailer customers, giving your company the opportunity to grasp all opportunities of high value customers.

B2B Platform: Easily trade with other foreign exchange shops

Through the use of our B2B platform, you would actually establish more connections with potential business partners to do the exchange transactions. Hence, you could reduce conversion costs and balance foreign exchange risk.

Full Protection

To protect your company from the fluctuations in currency markets, each quotation is set with a time of expiry, which you determine. All quotations are directly transacted between the selling and buying parties, which protects the interests of your company.

Confidential, Safe & Secure

All quotations are only allowed to be visible by the customer only. SmartRate will never disclose any relevant information to any parties, your data privacy is strictly confidential.

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